Testimonials from Mach Logistics Clients

The team at Mach Logistics Group is committed to helping businesses optimize their technology, enhance productivity, reduce business risk and maximize return on investment. Leveraging our expertise and past experiences, we offer a customized approach to designing, developing, and implementing end-to-end solutions to meet your needs.

Here is what a handful of our clients have said on our behalf.

I have had the opportunity to work with Mach Logistics for the last several months and my experience has been extremely positive.

On two separate occasions my law firm has been non-functional for ten days due to a combination of computer & human error with my former web host/server maintenance personnel.

Kenneth Iconos responded to our problem the first time in April, 2008. My assistant and I had spent 6, non-stop hours on the phone with the AT&T Technical Support Department in connection with our failing Internet connection. Twenty minutes later Mach Logistics was out our office and within three hours, had detected and solved the problem without assistance from AT&T.

In May of 2008 our Georgia-based Internet domain hosts were the subject of severe tornadoes. Our office was without email and a functioning company website for 8 days. Mach Logistics Group contacted the hosting company and immediately started the process of transferring our hosted domains to their own infrastructure.

Ironically, the later event was taking place 3 days before my departure to Europe for a business trip. In my absence, Kenneth had the ability to transfer all of our information to the new server, while also enabling me to maintain access to email while I was abroad.

I cannot say enough about the level of professionalism, expertise and customer service Mach Logistics Group and Kenneth Iconos provided to my law firm over a six week period. I would highly recommend Mach Logistics Group to any business that wishes to maintain their professional image and profound level of customer care. His persistence and focus was outstanding and without a doubt, helped us to reach for the next level of technology that we needed for our firm.
-Maureen Donovan, Donovan Law Office, June 8, 2008

Kenneth is a knowledgeable and dependable colleague and technical resource. As a team mate, Kenneth was reliable and easy to work with and I can attest to his problem solving ability and work ethic. His project work was always timely and completed correctly the first time.
-John Hauptmann, Technical Consultant

Kenneth is a motivated, highly skilled technician that is very good at adapting to a changing environment. He makes good decisions regarding technology implementation. He is goal oriented and shows laser-focused drive towards a solution.
-Richard Kilgore, Chief Information Officer