Marketing for Small Businesses

For many smaller businesses, hiring a full-time Marketing Director is cost prohibitive and often the responsibilities and burden of this function fall to the business owner.

ML-Group offers an outsourced alternative to adding to staff costs or contracting with an advertising agency. With more than 25 years in combined experience, our marketing professionals provide a full-range of services and offer flexible menu pricing arrangements so that business owners can stay as involved as they want to be in marketing their business.

Our valuable small business marketing services include:

  • Marketing communications audits
  • Marketing planning and budget preparation
  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing/advertising program design and management
  • Product launches
  • Name/brand changes
  • Communications design and execution
  • Business plans
  • Agency management
  • Internal communications and support

Allow us to help you identify the best strategies that will help your business reach its maximum potential and demonstrate how our solutions can improve your organization.

Marketing Consultation for Business - marketing solutions from Mach Logistics

Clients can submit service requests online via our online service system or directly to their team of experts by phone or e-mail.

For more information on our services and rates contact us by phone or through our request form online. By using our online request form you will receive a personal response from one of our experts within 8 business hours.

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