Mach Logistics Group - Multifunctional Team Approach for Business Solutions

Mach Logistics Group (ML-Group) provides expertise, support and consulting services specializing in business-critical areas such as Accounting, Information Technology, Marketing and Business Development, Management Support, Operations and Human Resources Management.

Our industry-focused solutions afford both public and private clients the opportunity to outsource and/or automate key functional areas of their business.

ML-Group helps companies prepare for expansion and growth while keeping overhead low. Our services cater to small to medium sized businesses that need to create systems and processes that allow them to capitalize on opportunities and increase market share, revenue and profitability.

Mach Logistics Group is comprised of a team of experts from various industries and backgrounds including, accounting, information technology, marketing and business development, business management and human resources.

This multifunctional team approach to client service allows us to provide our clients with unparalleled levels of creativity, flexibility and speed to market. Each team member takes a hands-on approach to our client's business and draws on other resources to meet each organization's needs.

Accounting, Information Technology, Marketing & Business Development, Management & Human Reources - Mach Logistics Group

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